Excellent Flowability. Less Waste. More Value.


Less Waste per Application
Efficiency to meet your financial goals. Save more money by getting more out of each syringe.
High Flowability to Fill Complex Canals
With high flowability, ZenSeal has excellent flow into accessory canals.
Excellent Sealability
with Zero Shrinkage
ZenSeal adheres tightly to dentin and gutta percha with zero shrinkage.
Simplified Root Canal Procedure
Provides a simplified root canal procedure, including single cone technique.
Less Waste Per Application
ZenSeal has 62% less waste per application than EndoSequence®.




More Uses Per Syringe
On average, ZenSeal can be used on 9 more teeth compared to Endosequence Sealer.*
*Assuming 53 µL used per tooth
“ZenSeal flows very well and it adheres very well to the canal walls, the radiopacity is something that I find very beneficial”
- Dr. Fernando García
The technique used was a single cone gutta percha point on a #19 mandibular molar. Canals shapes by ZenFlex NiTi Files and filled with ZenFlex Gutta Percha and ZenSeal. Images provided by Dr. Fernando García.
Excellent Sealing Ability and Biocompatibility
    Convenient single syringe delivery system.
    Easy to use and is a pre-mixed sealer.
    ZenSeal has a pH more than 12.
    8mm AI Radiopacity.

Data on file. The opinions expressed are those of Dr. Fernando Garcia, Kerr Dental is a medical device manufacturer and does not dispense medical advice. Clinicians should use their own professional judgment in treating their patients.'

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