SonicFillTM 2 – Better adaptation, lower shrinkage and higher depth of cure – all with Single-FillTM placement.

SonicFill 2 transforms tedious, repetitive posterior restorations into easy and reliable Single-Fill placement: filling cavities up to 5mm in depth in a single increment, with a single material – and no liner or capping layer.
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SonicFill 2 Direct Procedure
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Step-by-Step Technique Guide
  • 1

    After placement of matrix band and completion of perferred bonding protocol, remove protective covers by pulling them straight off without twisting.
  • 2

    Insert tip. You may notice some initial resistance; this is normal. The tip must push the plunger back into the handpiece after each use.
  • 3

    Maintain moderate pressure on tip and rotate handpiece in clockwise direction. This will screw tip into place.
  • 4

    Ensure tip is fully seated. Little to no screw thread should be visible.
  • 5

    Set the dispensing rate at the bottom of the handpiece. 5 is the fastest setting; 1 is the slowest. You may wish to start on a medium speed for the first few uses.
  • 6

    Place tip at bottom of cavity floor (adjacent to matrix band if applicable). Note: wedge has been omitted from image for visual clarity.
  • 7

    Use foot pedal to activate handpiece. Fill cavity in a steady, continuous stream. Keep the tip below the composite surface, withdrawing tip as cavity fills.
  • 8

    From the occlusal surface, compress material to ensure there are no gaps between the material and tooth. Adapt margin and remove excess with an instrument. Proceed to sculpt anatomy.
  • 9

    Light cure from the occlusal surface. For lights with an output greater than 650 mW/cm2, 20 seconds will be sufficient for all shades. Remove matrix band if applicable.
  • 10

    Remove any excess bonding agent and composite with a sharp scalpel.
  • 11

    Cure buccal and lingual aspects of tooth for an additional 10 seconds each.
  • 12

    Complete finishing and polishing steps. Kerr recomments a rubber polishing instrument, such as the ProGloss polisher (Axis) for optimum results.
Always refer to instructions for complete directions.
Traditional layering technique.
2 Layers
Bulk fill flowable with universal cap.
2 Layers
High viscosity bulk fill restorative with flowable liner.
1 Layer!
SonicFill System Only One Layer.
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SonicFill System Only One Layer.
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