When someone's entire outlook about themselves change,
that's the moment we do our best to achieve everytime.

“I've either covered my smile with my hand or always looked down.”

Dr. Scott Harris uses a new KaVo Kerr product to sculpt Haili's new smile boosting her self confidence.

Which products did Dr. Scott Harris choose for his signature sample box?

Once you give these products a try, I'm sure you'll love them like I do.

“It’s the most happiness I’ve felt in my life. I can smile again.”

Dr. Scott Harris gives Chelsea the smile she never knew she never imagined she could have using KaVo Kerr products.

Dr. Scott Harris curated a signature sample box of his go-to Kerr Restorative products, OptiBond™ Universal, Harmonize™ and Herculite™ Ultra Flow.

“NX3™ has been my go-to for years,
I can cement pretty much everything.”

“Harmonize™ blends well with surrounding
tooth structure and sculpts easily.”

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