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Your blueprint to a range of restorations.

Reliable products, predictable results.

Kerr Restoratives offers you a complete system of restorative products that promote simplicity, effectiveness, and predictability in your procedures.

Restorations make up a key portion of your practice.


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35 direct restorations



35 indirect restorations



Simplify your day by streamlining your restorations

Simplify your day by streamlining your restorations.

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  • Optibond universal

    Optibond™ universal
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    Optibond universal

    One adhesive, many procedures.

    • Exceptional Bonding - Provides a strong bond to all surfaces and substrates.
    • Fewer Steps - Single-component, self-etch adhesive that eliminates multiple steps.
    • Effective Bonding - Protection against microleakage and post-operative sensitivity.
    Optibond universal
  • Optibond universal

    Demi ultra™ curing light
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    Optibond universal

    Curing, innovated.

    • Ultracapacitor Technology - Faster recharging, longer life-span.
    • C.U.R.E. Technology - Uniform depth of cure, at industry-leading low temperatures.
    Demi ultra curing light

My blueprint to predictable procedures.

"OptiBond Universal is great and certainly replaces Scotchbond with better color and with much less film thickness. I like the luster that I can achieve using the ProGloss polishing kit and Harmonize."

-- Dr. Scott Coleman, DDS, MAGD - Texas

Direct restorations


  • Harmonize

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    Elevate your artistry.

    • Adaptive Response Technology - A nanoparticle filler network that helps you to achieve more lifelike restorations with ease.
    • Outstanding Handling - Adaptive viscosity enables easier sculpting.
    • Superior Polishability - Acheives a high gloss faster than all other leading esthetic composites.
  • Sonicfill

    Sonicfill™ 2
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    No lining, no layering.

    • SingleFill™ Bulk Composite System - Removes the need for layering.
    • Excellent Adaptation - Ensure intimate adaptation between composite and bonded surface.
    • High Depth of Cure - Polymerization depth of 5 mm allowing most restorations to be cured in a single increment.
  • Progloss polishers

    Progloss™ polishers
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    Progloss polishers

    Multi-use, one-step polishing system.

    • One-step Polishing - Achieve a faster, higher surface luster in one simple procedure.
    • Flexible Design - For optimal control and contact with the polishing surface.

Indirect restorations


  • NX3 XTR

    NX3 XTR
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    NX3 XTR

    Perfection in permanent cements.

    • Superior Bonding - Excellent adhesion to all substrates.
    • Bonding Compatibility - Self-etch or total-etch. No dual-cure activator required.
    • True Color Stability - Long term esthetics for dual-cure and light-cure cements.
    NX3 XTR
  • Maxcem elite chroma

    Maxcem elite™ chroma
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    Maxcem elite chroma

    Clean up with color.

    • Color Cleanup Indicator - Takes the guesswork out of when to clean up.
    • One-Peel™ Technology - Easily remove excess with one peel and reduce the risk of leaving behind cement.* *Source: Validated by 3rd party studies.
    Maxcem elite chroma

Your blueprint to a range of restorations.

Download Our Free Buyer's Guide

Download Our Free Buyer's Guide

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