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35 direct restorations



35 indirect restorations



Simplify your day by streamlining your restorations

Simplify your day by streamlining your restorations.

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  • Optibond universal

    Optibond™ universal
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    Optibond universal

    One adhesive, many procedures.

    • Exceptional Bonding - Provides a strong bond to all surfaces and substrates.
    • Fewer Steps - Single-component, self-etch adhesive that eliminates multiple steps.
    • Effective Bonding - Protection against microleakage and post-operative sensitivity.
    Optibond universal
  • Optibond universal

    Demi ultra™ curing light
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    Optibond universal

    Curing, innovated.

    • Ultracapacitor Technology - Faster recharging, longer life-span.
    • C.U.R.E. Technology - Uniform depth of cure, at industry-leading low temperatures.
    Demi ultra curing light

My blueprint to predictable procedures.

"OptiBond Universal is great and certainly replaces Scotchbond with better color and with much less film thickness. I like the luster that I can achieve using the ProGloss polishing kit and Harmonize."

-- Dr. Scott Coleman, DDS, MAGD - Texas

Direct restorations


  • Harmonize

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    Elevate your artistry.

    • Adaptive Response Technology - A nanoparticle filler network that helps you to achieve more lifelike restorations with ease.
    • Outstanding Handling - Adaptive viscosity enables easier sculpting.
    • Easy Polishability - Achieves a high gloss so you can spend less time polishing.
  • Sonicfill

    Sonicfill™ 2
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    No lining, no layering.

    • SingleFill™ Bulk Composite System - Removes the need for layering.
    • Excellent Adaptation - Ensure intimate adaptation between composite and bonded surface.
    • High Depth of Cure - Polymerization depth of 5 mm allowing most restorations to be cured in a single increment.
  • Progloss polishers

    Progloss™ polishers
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    Progloss polishers

    Multi-use, one-step polishing system.

    • One-step Polishing - Achieve a faster, higher surface luster in one simple procedure.
    • Flexible Design - For optimal control and contact with the polishing surface.

Indirect restorations


  • NX3 XTR

    NX3 XTR
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    NX3 XTR

    Perfection in permanent cements.

    • Superior Bonding - Excellent adhesion to all substrates.
    • Bonding Compatibility - Self-etch or total-etch. No dual-cure activator required.
    • True Color Stability - Long term esthetics for dual-cure and light-cure cements.
    NX3 XTR

    Download CAD/CAM Cementation Guide

  • Maxcem elite chroma

    Maxcem elite™ chroma
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    Maxcem elite chroma

    Clean up with color.

    • Color Cleanup Indicator - Takes the guesswork out of when to clean up.
    • One-Peel™ Technology - Easily remove excess with one peel and reduce the risk of leaving behind cement.* *Source: Validated by 3rd party studies.
    Maxcem elite chroma

Detect it

Caries detection

  • Dexis<sup>®</sup> Carivu™

    Dexis® Carivu™
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    Dexis® Carivu™

    See More. Treat More.

    • Caries Detection Made Easy - A brilliant new approach with a compact and portable device
    • Patented Transillumination Technology - Helps support the identification of occlusal,interproximal and recurrent carious lesions and cracks while using nonionizing radiation.
    • High Accuracy - By hugging the tooth and bathing it, near-infrared light, CariVu makes the enamel appear transparent while porous lesions trap and absorb the light.This allows clinicians to see through the tooth, exposing its structure and the actual structure of any carious lesions with very high accuracy.

Interproximal Dentin Caries Detection Rate

  • Infograph Dexis® Carivu™

    Learn more about the Kuhnisch Study which substantiates CariVu’s (DIAGNOcam in Europe) accuracy.*

    Click here Infograph Dexis® Carivu™

*Kühnisch J. Benefits of the DIAGNOcam Procedure for the Detection and Diagnosis of Caries [study project]. Munich: Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich; 2013.

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