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Deborah never knew how different she would feel with a new smile.

Dr. Greg Gillespie hands her the mirror and changes Deborah's perception of herself.

See which products Dr. Greg Gillespie chose for his signature sample box.

These are the three products that Dr. Greg Gillespie never wants to be without.

"I'm amazed, I'm just amazed!"

She put off her new smile for 20 years, watch Dr. Greg Gillespie transorm Lisa's confidence using KaVo Kerr products.

Dr. Greg Gillespie curated a signature sample box
of his go-to KaVo Kerr Products,
Maxcem Elite™ Chroma, OptiBond™ XTR and NX3™.

"The nice thing about KaVo Kerr's Maxcem Elite™ Chroma
is that it takes the guesswork out of the procedure."

"What I like about OptiBond™ XTR is that it keeps the
science separate, like shampoo and conditioner."

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