The right selection of restorative products
can make your practice as rewarding as it is successful.

People thought Cherree was an unhappy person.

The only thing she was unhappy about was her smile. Then Dr. Drew Ballard changed all of that.

Which products did Dr. Drew Ballard choose for his signature sample box?

"These are products that have brought me a lot of success in my practice, and I hope they do the same for you."

Lacey is finally able to see her best self after years of hiding.

Watch Dr. Ballard transform her self image using Kerr products and a quick procedure.

Dr. Drew Ballard curated a signature sample box of his go-to Kerr Restorative products, OptiBond™ Universal, Harmonize™.

"When paired together, I get excellent esthetic results,
which keeps my patients satisfied."

“Harmonize™ can be layered using dentin and enamel shades."

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